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Whether you are just out for a stroll in the sunshine or are a keen bargain hunter the ‘Brocantes’, ‘Bric-à-Bracs’ and ‘Vide Greniers’ are a great morning/afternoon out throughout the summer in the Poitou-Charentes. 

(Brocantes tend to be more for professional sellers, Bric à Bracs private sellers and Vide Greniers literally people emptying their attics of anything that may sell, as the name suggests, or clearing out items from their barn). Both traders and individual stall-holders will arrive in the early hours of the morning to stake their claim to the best spots (often the shadiest ones) to set up shop for the day. Some are free, but generally the stall-holders will be asked for a modest amount of euros per metre length for their pitch. The keen buyers with the eye for a bargain will arrive like vampires before dawn to hunt down their prey. With the Brocantes generally being on a Sunday, I can say that I have never made it up that early and generally make it before lunchtime if I am lucky.

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You name it, you can find it. From some really lovely second hand furniture, ideal for furnishing your holiday home or gîte, collectible glasses, antique linen, tools, jewellery, ceramiques, table ware and even toys. Not to forget the rare and sometimes interesting items from glass soda siphons, old enamel signs  to wooden wine crates and not to forget the almost obligatory stuffed fox ferret or wild boar’s head.

 Throughout the day the Brocantes / Bric à Bracs often have catering stalls to feed the hungry  and of course the obligatory beer tent for the thirsty ones. In fact this bank holiday Friday I was at Fouqueure (careful with the pronunciation) and there were several catering stalls sending out mouthwatering wafts of delicious food cooking on barbecues. Not only that there was an impressive collection of 2cv Citroën cars and even a Zumba / Country Dance demonstration provided by ADANC (local dance association). 

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For more information about local Brocantes and useful information you can click on this link to visit “Brocantes France”.

Good luck bargain hunting………….

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